Art photographer from Portland, Oregon. I shoot Polaroids, other film and digital images. All images here are mine except for a few reblogs. Some are NSFW. I follow from my other Tumblr, richburroughsphoto.
nina7klein asked:
Hi. I want to say that I look your photography so much. You are a wildly talented photographer and I love seeing how you use light and composition. I wanted to ask you about cameras. What are your choice cameras? Do you ever use a canon 5D? That's the camera I'm looking into getting to shoot models for my paintings. I would love to hear your thoughts on a good digital camera.
I answered:

Hi :) Thank you. I have a 5d Mark III and a Mark II and they are both great cameras. I never used the original 5D but I’d think it would be fine for you too. Since you’re just shooting reference photos, you could probably even get away with a worse camera than those, since no one else will be seeing the images. I’d think even a point and shoot or a smartphone might work.

logicrovers / richburroughs

I know a lot of fans of Radeo follow me. I’m a fan of her too. I was lucky enough to work with her three times last summer and they were all awesome shoots. She’s such a nice person and has a very small ego for someone as popular as she is. I hope we work together again sometime.

marydear asked:
Your chubby fangirl _does_ have a point. In the last six months you've posted exactly three photos of girls who could be considered chubby or more. There are almost exactly 200 photos of slim girls. The ratio between charismatic chubby girls and charismatic slim girls can hardly be 1:67. I know that it's a question with more than one answer and I'm not saying that you don't like big girls, I'm just saying that she deserves a better answer than that.
I answered:


Its not a matter of any sort of magic ratio.  The females that I can choose to work with of any body type are the ones that contact me, or who respond favorably when I contact them.  From the ones that write me I look for people that look comfortable in front of the camera and have a wide range of poses in their arsenal.

Unfortunately there isn’t a very large number of “chubby” models out there that do nude work, and of those not every single one of them likes or is interested in being a part of my work.

I would normally spend more time on a question, but I’ve answered this before, and I’ve been traveling for two months taking care of this all on my phone.  When somebody says something that shows me they haven’t taken the time to look at my work, I don’t feel particularly inclined to take the time to give them a long answer.

The idea that photographers can just shoot some specific body type whenever they want is not very realistic, especially if you’re talking about experienced models. It’s not Weird Science here. There are a limited amount of models out there who have the kind of qualities Corwin mentioned, and the pool is fairly self selective. The experienced models are going to be the ones who are shooting a lot and making their living modeling (or at least a good portion of it), and they are going to tend to be on the thinner side.

There are so many things that go into whether two people work together or when, some of it is pretty close to random chance. Photographers are not nearly as much in control of this situation as I think some people imagine, at least those of us who aren’t wealthy or super famous.

Beyond all that, the idea that a photographer should be shooting a certain type of model because someone else thinks so is just really misguided to me. We all have our own reasons for shooting what we do and our own ideas we’re trying to express. Those differences are what makes our art individual and personal.

Ironically, Corwin is someone that I’ve seen push the envelope a lot more than other photographers, in terms of the types of people he shoots. So seeing this sort of criticism directed at him really makes me scratch my head.

When you shoot do you use any external sources of light, or just natural light? And what sparked the idea for always shooting in a plain room on a bed with plain sheets? I love that all your work is in the same setting, putting more emphasis on the beautiful models.
I answered:

I do use only natural light at present. I did some Polaroids a few years back that were lit with a speedlight and umbrella but I prefer natural light.

The idea for the setup came mainly from me being a minimalist. I used to direct plays when I was younger and I took a similar approach — I kept things like sets and costumes minimal because I felt it put more focus on the actors. That’s what I’m trying to do with the images too, put the focus on the subjects rather than some concept I have for a shoot.

I have nothing against people who do more conceptual photography, some of it I like quite a lot. But for me, I like the shoots to be more spontaneous, and more about capturing the model themselves. I think of my work as portraiture, even though some of my shoots go less strictly along those lines.

iPhone shot of Apnea by Rich Burroughs

I’ve wanted to photograph Apnea since back before I was even shooting with models. She was one of the most popular alt models around back then.

She hadn’t done a shoot in about three years (she’s been working a lot on the film she’s in, We Must Remain the Wildhearted Outsiders), so I was really pleasantly surprised when she told me she wanted to model for me. I thought she was probably retired from modeling for good. I’m glad I was wrong.

It was a super fun shoot, she’s very lovely and nice. It went so well that we already have a second shoot booked. It will be a bit until I get the Polaroids scanned, but here’s an iPhone shot for a teaser.

parky1111 asked:
Love your Polaroids. What cameras do you use?
I answered:

Thanks :)

My main Polaroid right now is an Image 1200 Professional. I bought it new off the shelf in about 2008, before they announced they were discontinuing the film.

I also sometimes use an SX-70, one with the sonar autofocusing, and I have a few different cameras that shoot pack film. Also a few that shoot 600 film, although I use those the least.

But most of what I post is shot with that Image camera. I really love it.

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